Attacking My TBR – One Step at a Time!!

I have a lot of books to read – FACT!!

My source of books is varied. I’m lucky enough to receive quite a few from publishers and authors. I also purchase books and have a friend who is an avid reader and is great for passing them on to me.

Sometimes I look at the pile in complete panic, saying how?  Just how?

So I came up with this idea. If I write about what I intend reading, I then will have no choice. It worked last time so I’m hoping for similar success!!

A Little Peak at a Selection from my TBR!!




How different all our lives would be without them.

Since I have started this blog I have been so lucky to read some fantastic books and introduced to authors I would never have known. One of the joys of being a book reviewer is receiving some amazing books in your letterbox. But in this new age of technology I have had to bend to the popularity of the eReader & receive many books through the wonderful and addictive source that is NetGalley.

What I have read to date is reviewed on the blog, so here I thought I would share a small selection from the exciting new books I have recently acquired, through various methods (all legal!!)

Hopefully there will be one there that is of interest to you to pick up a copy yourself.