‘How Irish is Too Irish?’ ~ Caimh McDonnell #IrishWritersWed @Caimh


Finally its THAT Wednesday, the day I get to launch my new feature concentrating on Irish Writers.

Since I set up Swirl and Thread last year I have wanted to run a weekly feature that would concentrate on the wonderful writers that are homegrown in Ireland (mainly!!!). I didn’t feel I was established enough to host all these fantastic folk or that they would be willing to write a post for me…but I was wrong.

Ireland has always had the tradition of being a nation of storytellers and talkers. When I raised the possibility of running with this feature I was absolutley astounded and blown away by the feedback and enthusiasm of many, many Irish writers. I am delighted to say that it’s a booked out feature until the summer with places filling up for the early Autumn.

I approached Caimh McDonnell ‘pleading and begging‘ him to kickstart it 🙂 …and he obliged with this wonderful post on ‘How Irish is Too Irish?’

Without further ado the warm up act will move over and make way for the comedian, writer and all around funnyman that is Caimh McDonnell….

#GuestPost ~ ‘Keep Reading, Keep Writing, Keep Believing’ ~ T. A. Cotterell @TACotterell1

‘Often the only difference between a published and unpublished writer is luck.’

I was very lucky to receive an advance copy of TA Cotterell’s wonderful debut What Alice Knew late in 2016. I read it and I loved it. I was delighted when TA Cotterell, who I now know is Archie Cotterell (always pays to ask!!!), agreed to write a guest post for me.

What arrived in my inbox was a piece of writing I feel really describes for many writers the frustration of finding the time, getting into a ‘rhythm’ and producing a piece of writing that one can be proud to say…I WROTE THAT!!

I’ll hand you over to Archie now with links to my review and more information about What Alice Knew further down the post…..

#GuestPost ~ The Prince Charming Myth ~ Joan Brady @jgbrady

Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing a newly published book by Irish writer Jóan Brady ~ The Cinderella Reflex.

I asked Joan if she would write a guest post on the whole reality of ‘Prince Charming’ and whether we are still guilty of waiting for that dashing knight on the white horse to come and rescue us!!

I’m delighted that Joan agreed to write a wonderful piece for us, with a few ideas many of us could use.

Also, since I last spoke with Joan, Cinderella got a ‘New Dress’, so I’m delighted to show you the new cover to coincide with the recent PB publication….

Please continue reading….

#Guestpost ~ Author J.M Richardson discusses Location in a Novel @JMRichardson1

I am delighted today to bring you all this absolutely wonderful piece of writing from J.M. Richardson, author of The Barataria Key.

When I first read Joshua’s words I was immediately transported to another place, another time. I could hear the music and sense all the tastes and smells.

Please do continue to read what J. M. Richardson wrote and see for yourself how important that sense of location is in a book….