Tales of Ramion by Frank Hinks ~ The Dream Thief #Excerpt #BlogTour @midaspr

Tales of Ramion

 Packed full of the whacky adventures that three young boys embark upon in the magical land of Ramion

I am very lucky to have two children who have followed me in my passion for reading. I always love when a parent transfers their passion for books onto paper, encouraged by reading to their own kids. Such is the case with Tales of Ramion by Frank Hinks, a highly successful Chancery QC by day, and now a children’s illustrator and author by night.

The Thought Book 2 by Jay Mullings #Excerpt @WrittenMirror @BookPublicistUK

The Thought Book 2 


Today I have something a little different for you all with an extract from The Thought Book 2 by Jay Mullings.

Jay is an award-winning screenwriter, author and commended blogger, on a mission.

His books feature thought-provoking content, aimed at combating the negative self-defeating dialogue we all sometimes practice.

Both Jay Mullings books in this series are written with a strong message of encouragement for others to help develop their self-belief, and pursue their own dreams.