Courage of the Shipyard Girls by Nancy Revell | #Extract | #BlogTour | @arevellwalton

As war tears their lives apart, their friendship gives them strength Courage of the Shipyard Girls is the sixth book in the compelling saga series The Shipyard Girls by Sunday Times bestselling author Nancy Revell and is published on the 21st February with Arrow. This saga series is inspired by Nancy Revell’s own close family links to the Sunderland…

Tales of Ramion by Frank Hinks ~ The Dream Thief #Excerpt #BlogTour @midaspr

Tales of Ramion

 Packed full of the whacky adventures that three young boys embark upon in the magical land of Ramion

I am very lucky to have two children who have followed me in my passion for reading. I always love when a parent transfers their passion for books onto paper, encouraged by reading to their own kids. Such is the case with Tales of Ramion by Frank Hinks, a highly successful Chancery QC by day, and now a children’s illustrator and author by night.

The Thought Book 2 by Jay Mullings #Excerpt @WrittenMirror @BookPublicistUK

The Thought Book 2 


Today I have something a little different for you all with an extract from The Thought Book 2 by Jay Mullings.

Jay is an award-winning screenwriter, author and commended blogger, on a mission.

His books feature thought-provoking content, aimed at combating the negative self-defeating dialogue we all sometimes practice.

Both Jay Mullings books in this series are written with a strong message of encouragement for others to help develop their self-belief, and pursue their own dreams.