#BookReview Honeysuckle and Custard Creams by @DeirdreMMFoley

Honeysuckle and Custard Creams 

‘That’s what you get for going around with Protestants, SinĂ©ad Reilly’

I have a review today of a very special novel, one with a very authentic and personal feel to it.

Written by Deirdre Foley and ‘set in the early years of the Troubles, Honeysuckle and Custard Creams explores the enduring nature of familial ties, and the challenges of escaping a shared history in which shame and remorse are never far from the surface.’

Deirdre Foley was born in Co.Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Her words are just so poignant and gentle, making this a really touching book.

Please do read on for my thoughts…